Three reasons to write about Immigrants


  • Immigrants lead interesting lives. It is surprising there’s not a lot of content on this kind of lifestyle itself. Now there are a lot of blogs out there by immigrants dealing with cooking, dressmaking, travel, etc. But they don’t deal with how they settle down in their new country. It would be more helpful to provide an insight into the transition period of immigrants by new immigrants themselves.


  • This blog didn’t exist when we prepared for our move to Canada. My then-brand-new-husband was no help at all explaining what we needed to bring to Canada. So I feel it’s my duty to save others from “first bag fiasco” situations.


  • We tackled the mountain of paperwork necessary for the move by ourselves, with 100% success! And we believe our DIY approach is better than what we would have gotten from an authorized compensated representative (aka agent).
    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m far from being an expert, but what all those long forms ask for is our personal details and what’s the point of handing out confidential information to a stranger who charges a fee, just to get it typed?
    So yes, you can do it yourself, and no, the agents can’t guarantee that you have a higher chance of success if you go through them.


Three things to know about the Immigrant Mom


  1. I’m hailing from Sri Lanka (aka Paradise) and now I live in Calgary, AB, Canada (aka Paradise Lost)
  2. I like love Winter (only goes down to -35 C in Calgary), nice time to go for walks. Very scenic.
  3. These days, I’m trying to figure out how to start and manage a blog with two young kids